It is high time to tell the truth about ICT

As the ICT GCSE arrives in its final year, voices supporting this creative and rewarding subject are at last being heard. The false perception of ICT as a dull and lifeless subject masked the lack of expertise in schools to deliver it fully. As history repeats we find there is a lot to accept and learn from the ICT story.

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Internet Research: Things teachers should never do with ICT*

Computing Complete bestows a “things teachers should never do with ICT* award” to internet research; in honour of every teacher (not that are any) who has hurried their class into the pre-booked IT suite imagining they could now catch up on some overdue marking while their class grazes in vast meadows of knowledge and creates ‘fact files’ of astounding quality…

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The mob call for PowerPoint blood

Why computing teachers still really need PowerPoint

For so many reasons, PowerPoint came to represent all that was dull and boring and fruitless about ICT in schools and it is still viewed as a poor substitute for learning. Now we are teaching computing, it seems PP is welcome no more. But wait… The red P actually offers a very simple and elegant solution to one of the most difficult aspects of teaching the new curriculum…

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