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Comment and Opinion

Computing Complete and contributors voice their opinion and collected wisdom on all subjects, topics and points. This category is intended to offer both grounded guidance and flights of fancy. Expect daft observations and reflections on ridiculous situations in a no-nonsense tone. Yes, we can do that.

Posts for leaders: Digital strategy and Complete Champions

Our Digital Strategy category collects posts on the big picture or strategic, thought pieces. Find also suggestions of audit tools, planning frameworks, evaluation methods and other things for people who like flow diagrams and forms.

Complete Champions are the people or groups that we want to salute for their exceptional contributions to computing or teaching and learning with technology.

From historical figures to the people you can tweet right now, all are champions to the cause. Computing Complete salutes you and your work.

In this list of honour you will find teachers and educationalists, computer scientists and app developers, entrepreneurs and enterprises, campaigners and commenters, and the odd retired head.

The small print!
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